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#GreatGinSale: Wholly Spirits’ Top Pick gins!

We’re into Week 3 of the Great Gin Sale! Have you found your favourite gins from the over 130 gins labels we have on sale yet? If you haven’t, then allow us to give you a hand with our list of Wholly Spirits’ Top Pick Gins!

These are gins that are the favourites of the Wholly Spirits team, including delicious Old Tom Gins, juniper-forward stars, fruity sensations, silky pink gins, botanical wonders and powerful navy-strength gins!

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Top Picks

Alkkemist Gin

Country of origin: Spain
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Burma Tonic and Lemon garnish

Ever had a gin that is only made 12 times a year, and always under the light of the full moon? Alkkemist is made this way in order to obtain the best possible influence on its flavours. Made in Spain, this gin has 21 different botanicals, including sweet and fragrant Muscat grapes, rose petals, thyme, mint and fennel.

Nose: Citrus lemon peel, floral lavender, apple blossom
Palate: Fruit-forward with lots of grape sweetness and spiced notes like pepper and cloves.
Finish: Beautifully subtle hints of citrus and orange


Canaïma Gin

Country of origin: Venezuela
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Grapefruit Soda and grapefruit garnish

Get a taste of the Amazon rainforest! This gin is made with a total of 19 botanicals, 10 of which are foraged from the Amazon, making for a unique, fruity gin that pairs well with grapefruit soda to make for a refreshing highball.
Canaïma Gin recently won a Gold medal in the prestigious international Gin Masters 2021.

Nose: Tangy fruity notes, passion fruits, berries, and grapefruit citrus.
Palate: More fruitiness, passion fruit, grapefruit, herbaceous and peppery.
Finish: Earthy, black pepper, with lingering fruity notes.


Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin

Country of origin: England
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic and grapefruit garnish

With a base of Williams GB Extra Dry Gin, pomelo and grapefruit peels are added to make this fresh and zesty gin. Pomelo is the grandfather to the grapefruit, so this combination is a natural marriage of flavour.

Nose: Sweet tropical notes, followed by lots of fresh zest.
Palate: Strong juniper backbone, full bodied with a touch of sweetness.
Finish: Zesty, fresh and long.


Hernö Old Tom Gin

Country of origin: Sweden
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Old World Tonic and lemon garnish

Hernö Old Tom Gin is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, but with an extra amount of Meadowsweet added in the distillation. After diluting it down to 43%, a touch of sugar is added, which lifts the floral notes, releases an array of juniper and makes the gin even smoother.


Nose: Full-bodied, bright, juicy, juniper and floral notes.
Palate: Super-smooth, light sweetness and an array of juniper and pine flowers.
Finish: Floral sweetness with long-lasting juniper.



Kyrö Pink Gin

Country of origin: Finland
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Burma Tonic and grapefruit garnish

For their newest expression, Kyrö decided to explore what pink gin could be if it was made truly for everyone, and came up with this, a traditionally made small batch gin infused with foraged lingonberries, strawberries & rhubarb – the best of Finnish forests and gardens.

Nose: Summer berries! Rhubarbs! Sweet fruits!
Palate: More berries, sweetish and soft, warming juniper and spice from the rye spirit.
Finish: Sweet and lingering, like the fading sunset on a bright summer’s day.



Never Never Southern Strength Gin

Country of origin: Australia
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Burma Tonic and lime garnish

For their Southern Strength Gin, the juniper freaks of Never Never increased the angelica root, lemon and coriander seed, giving it an even more savoury character, and bottled it at 52%.
A delicious juniper-heavy, high-strength gin that works perfectly in stirred drinks or in a turbo-powered G&T.

Nose: Fragrant pine, bright citrus, earthy angelica; coriander, citrus.
Palate: Oily, viscous and savoury. Juniper dominates, earthy notes of angelica root and coriander seed.
Finish: Rich spiced finish, warm towards the end.


St. George Terroir Gin

Country of origin: Australia
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic and assorted herbs garnish

St George Spirits’ most popular product, the remarkable Terroir takes us on a journey through the forests, with botanicals such as Douglas Fir, Coastal sage and California bay laurel capturing the green notes and essence of a Californian pine forest inside a bottle.

Nose: Imagine yourself in a forest, surrounded by the piney, woody smells of fir trees and pine and herbal aromas.
Palate: Fresh and sunny, with wood, fir, pine, sage and roasted coriander.
Finish: Evocative and long with citrus and lingering herbaceous notes.


Hernö Juniper Cask Gin

Country of origin: Sweden
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Old World Tonic and lemon garnish

The first gin in the world matured in juniper wood casks, made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, diluted to 47% ABV and gently matured for 30 days in juniper wood casks. The maturity gives more intense juniper notes finished with a long harmonious hint of citrus peel.

Nose: Fresh woodiness and junipery pine with soft citrus blossoms.
Palate: A sublime thick texture with gentle dryness. A lot of green juniper upfront with herbal pepper, followed by a mild vanilla sweetness.
Finish: Aromatic citrus and floral notes of coriander before a long lingering finish of sappy juniper.



Porter’s Orchard

Country of origin: Scotland
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade Tonic and lemon garnish

Ever wanted to have a fruit orchard in your glass? This blanc de blanc champagne-inspired gin is made using a cold distillate of apple and pears which produce chardonnay grape notes. A soybean distillate gives it rich and buttery notes, and a red apple extract adds colour to the gin.

Nose: Lovely fruity nose, lots of grape aromas
Palate: Nutty and biscuity, sweet pears and juniper.
Finish: Fruity, long and lingering buttery notes


Komasa Gin Hojicha Tea

Country of origin: Scotland
Recommended pairing: East Imperial Old World Tonic and juniper garnish

Japan has one of the most famous tea cultures in the world, and Kagoshima is one of Japan’s most famous tea producing regions. So what happens when one of the region’s best shochu producers, Komasa Jyozo, decides to make a craft gin?
The result is Komasa Gin Hojicha Tea, a beautiful tea-infused gin made with juniper berries, shochu, Japanese cypress and roasted tea leaves from Kagoshima.

Nose: Forest-y, and a waft of roasted tea warmth.
Palate: Roasted, leafy green tea, earthy juniper, a touch of sweetness
Finish: Fragrant, woody finish.