#GreatGinSale: Kyrö Distillery Company, new look, same awesome gins!

We’re well into the second half of the Great Gin Sale now, and this week, we’re shining the spotlight on one of the best-selling brands in our lineup – Kyrö Distillery Company!

Hailing from Finland, Kyrö Distillery Company produces some of our most best-selling gins, which are hugely popular amongst gin aficionados and bartenders alike.

The Finnish brand has revealed a new look for their gins, which are now officially available in Malaysia, just in time for the Great Gin Sale!

The sale features the signature Kyrö Gin (formerly known as Napue), Kyrö Dark Gin (formerly known as Koskue), the limited edition Kyrö Koskue Sherry Gin, and the latest additions to the lineup – Kyrö Pink Gin and Kyrö Helsingin, which pays tribute to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki.

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Kyrö Gin

Kyrö Gin (formerly known as Napue) is inspired by wild nature, with four locally foraged botanicals and 13 traditional gin botanicals.

Kyrö Gin’s key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature –  whenever you want to enjoy the brightness and freshness of Finnish summer, pop open your Kyrö Gin.

Makes amazing Gin and Tonics, especially when paired with East Imperial Burma Tonic and Cranberry and Rosemary as a garnish.


Nose: Gentle citrus, light herbal notes and hints of spice.
Palate: Full bodied sweet, herbal flavours, with notes of pepper from the rye.
Finish: More of those spicy rye notes, with some sweetness from the meadowsweet.



Kyrö Dark Gin

Want to introduce a whisky lover to gin? Check out Kyrö Dark Gin, inspired by fierce weather.

Formerly known as Koskue Gin, this gin is the perfect union of Finnish wholegrain rye and 17 spices and botanicals like meadowsweet cranberry, birch and orange peel, which is then aged in American oak barrels for 3-12 months.

The result is a rich, complex gin that can warm you up or cool you down. Enjoy hot or cold with cloudy apple juice, cinnamon and a slice of fresh apple. For a different G&T, serve with East Imperial Old World Tonic with Orange and Black Pepper.


Nose: Summer meadow, zesty citrus, and aromatic oak with a hint of sandalwood.
Palate: Honey sweetness, oranges, and a kick of spicy pepper from the rye spirit.
Finish: More of that lingering spice, with more woody notes on the finish.



Kyrö Helsingin

Is it possible to distill the ‘flavour’ of a city in a gin?

Kyrö set out to do just that by working with bartenders from the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. These bartenders went foraging with the distillers for botanicals that would express Helsinki in a gin. (No bartenders were lost in the forest during foraging).

They ended up with the stunning Helsingin, made from 100% Finnish wholegrain rye with foraged pineapple weed (wild chamomile) and polypody root.

Pineapple weed grows all over Helsinki, in its parks, sidewalks and in the cracks of concrete, so it was the perfect choice as the signature botanical for this gin, which we recommend enjoying with East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic with a slice of pink grapefruit as garnish.


Nose: Floral, slightly herbaceous with subtle juniper.
Palate: Slightly spicy, with more of the floral, herbal notes coming forth.
Finish: Amazingly long for a gin.


Kyrö Koskue Sherry Cask

This is a complex and delicious rye gin, aged in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks, which give the gin a raisiny and nutty flavour. It is designed to be a sipping gin. Enjoy with or without ice. Works well mixed with East Imperial Thai Ginger Ale as well.


Nose: Raisins and juniper, what a combination.
Palate: Dark fruits and more raisins thanks to the Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry cask influences, with a hint of nuttiness
Finish: Long, sweet, and yes, more raisin nutty notes.


Kyrö Pink Gin

Pink gin used to be a cocktail made with gin and a dash of bitters to make it ‘pink’. But these days, ‘pink gin’ is a bona fide sub-category of gin comprising gins that are, well, pink.

For their newest expression, Kyrö decided to explore what pink gin could be if it was made truly for everyone, and came up with this, a traditionally made small batch gin infused with foraged lingonberries, strawberries & rhubarb – the best of Finnish forests and gardens. Truly a pink gin made to be equally enjoyed by everyone!

Kyrö Pink Gin gets the pink colour from natural ingredients like strawberry and rhubarb, and with time the colour might fade. This does not affect the taste or quality of the gin. Try Kyrö Pink Gin with soda or tonic and lots of ice.


Nose: Summer berries! Rhubarbs! Sweet fruits!
Palate: more of those berry notes, sweetish and soft, and snug in a warm embrace of juniper and spice from the rye spirit.
Finish: Sweet and lingering, like the fading sunset on a bright summer’s day.